3D Modelling: Point Cloud to 3D Mesh

3D Modelling: Point Cloud to 3D Mesh

In this 3D Tutorial, we learn how to create stunning 3D meshes from point clouds using Python and 3D Modelling techniques. We focus on how to use the popular Python library Open3D best to create a 3D mesh from a point cloud. We also cover how to visualize the mesh using CloudCompare or MeshLab.

3D Tutorial 001. 3D Point Cloud to 3D Mesh with Python.

Materials and 3D Tutorial Resources

🍇3D Dataset: Google Drive Folder
📘Hands-on Guide: Medium Article

My 3D Recommendation 🍉

Turning 3D Point Clouds into 3D Meshes is an integral cog of a lot of different workflows. While some software offers you the possibility to do just that very simply without any coding knowledge when you need more flexibility, there is no alternative: we need to leverage programming. But the good news is that 3D Python is a great way to enter the realm of programming while quickly getting amazing results as we get here. If you want to extend this branch, I warmly recommend following up the 3D crash course: 3D Python Crash Course.

3D Learning Resources

If you want to get a tad more toward application-first or depth-first approaches, I curated on this website several learning tracks and courses to help you along your journey. Feel free to follow the ones that best suit your need, and do not hesitate to reach out directly to me if you have any questions or if I can give you some advice on your current challenges!

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