Point Cloud Advanced Processing

Develop an autonomous system for 3D point clouds.

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To be recognized and master advanced technology, there is no faster way that learning from professionals.

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Point Cloud Processor Course: A small peak

Point Cloud Processor alternates between clear fundamentals (10' to 20') and putting them into concrete actions (20' to 55'). These are supported by a range of materials from datasets (point clouds, meshes ...) to tutorials and articles (.pdf).
Florent Poux 3D Automation Expert
Florent Poux

Point Cloud Processor Syllabus

Point Cloud Processor in brief


You only need to be eager to develop a very useful set of skills, with a focus on automation. The program is time-efficient, but demands motivated individuals.


The Point Cloud Processor program will offer you the top 1% of tips that really work to quickly create advanced automation workflows, without any software investment.


Point Cloud Processor is a gas pedal, but it is still a step-by-step enrichment process. You're taken through a structured course that makes everything easy and efficient.


Scale your practice and get started with full 3D automation. You can optionnally book a private session or a mentorship program for a very advanced training.

Get the best learning experience from Academia & Industry

While I love teaching at the University and seeing my student learn and apply new concepts, for some part, it can be a bit too theoretical, and students can lose the focus needed to develop a specific set of skills. Moreover, accessing the desired knowledge can be confronted to difficulties such as “you are a company => non-eligible”; “you need 20,000 $ for your first year”; “you need to validate all exams to earn a diploma” … I dedicate myself to make sure you avoid all of these brakes and getting the best-in-class Formation.

If you are on the path of Entrepreneurship, you are on the quest of creating value for others. Through this program, you will find the fastest way to bring value to others and get paid for it, by mastering point cloud processing. Remember that our income depends on the value we bring to the world. The more you help others, the more you get paid for that value.

A portion of Point Cloud Process. profits will be donated to young companies that want to grow, and to 3D researchers that need funding to deliver the next big thing. You will therefore participate directly in the success of others.

Florent Poux 3D Automation Expert

What happens upon subscription?

The complete training represents more than 9 hours of explanatory video. At the beginning of each module, you will have a short theoretical part in order to start from scratch. Then the rest of the entire training will include actions to be implemented immediately to get results.

The advantage with online training is that you can access all the videos without having to go anywhere, from the comfort of your own home.

Florent offers individual online coaching, with single or multiple sessions. This is why it is financially advantageous to follow our online programs.

Whether it is for the structure of our advice in a condensed and precise way, the discount on the price, the unlimited access that allows you to come back at any time to each of the videos, it is more advantageous to train remotely.

If you are in a situation where you have major financial difficulties as a student, you can apply for a scholarship by reaching out directly via mail.

I have a limited number of seats that I renew each year for motivated applicants. I always try my best to support the future bright minds of today and tomorrow.

If upon completion of the course, you believe you did not got any added value, I will make sure you are fully refunded.


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