3D Deep Learning Course

Your A-Z Launch Plan for 3D Deep Learning Systems.

No overwhelm, no github nightmares,
and no Ph.D. required

Just a step-by-step video course with code + models to understand, build, and deploy 3D Deep Learning Apps.

3D Deep Learning Course

The 3D Deep Learning Course, from R&D to Production.

2D Pixels, 3D Points, nD Vision

In 2024, mastering 3D Deep Learning isn’t just a skill; it’s your ticket to a dynamic future where creativity meets innovation. As industries evolve with immersive experiences and groundbreaking technologies, the demand for individuals who can turn imagination into reality has never been higher.

Learning 3D Deep Learning isn’t just about staying relevant; it’s about becoming a visionary, creating solutions that resonate in a world hungry for the extraordinary.

It’s your chance to be at the forefront of change, shaping the future with the power of your ideas and the mastery of 3D Deep Learning.

The 3D Deep Learning digital video course is designed for AI Engineers and Researchers.

3D Deep Learning Course
3D Deep Learning Course: Production Release

Straightforward, "hype-free" 3D Deep Learning Course

After 15+ years leading R&D Ventures, my passion is to personally guide you on an inspiring journey into the world of 3D Deep Learning. Beyond technical skills, I want to nurture your creativity, turning challenges into opportunities. 

My goal with The 3D Deep Learning Course is to equip you with the complete skills and roadmap to start and sustain 3D Deep Learning Systems.

The course includes the full framework for coming up with AI processing workflows, understanding why and how 3D can extend 2D approaches, developing and testing 3D Deep Learning Models, getting quickly working models on various OS, building your own product and training dataset, training, tuning, ingering and much more.

If you’re looking for a complete, tried-and-true system that you can use to build and grow as a 3D Deep Learning Expert, this is it.

Together, with a community of innovators, your unique perspective contributes to shaping a future defined by limitless possibilities. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure, where your imagination becomes the driving force behind groundbreaking advancements.

1. Straightforward, and Optimized for Learning Growth

The 3D Deep Learning digital video course is made up of 9 in-depth chapters, 87 lessons, and 19 hours of video instruction that can be completed on your own time. You also have access to the code, datasets and ML models.

2. Powerful Semantic Segmentation Models to Copy-Paste

Included with the course are several 3D Deep Learning Models that work on a number of classes for Semantic Segmentation Tasks. This alone cuts down the time to implement by at least 9-months of R&D.

3. Bonus "Start from Scratch" Deep Learning Course

Whether you’re starting from zero or looking to create something new, I cover everything you need to build out your new idea using 3D Deep Learning, including how Neural Networks and Architectures work (with code and implementations).

🦄 They Trust and Learn with the 3D Academy

Professionnals from these companies are learning and developing 3D solutions with our courses.

Everything you need to Start Creating 3D Deep Learning Apps.

As I’ve built my career from Engineer to Researcher to R&D Director and Professor, I’ve been recording everything. What’s worked, and what hasn’t. The 3D Deep Learning Course presents all the teaching and data points for creating your products (3D apps, research papers, workflows) without replicating my mistakes.


3D Deep Learning Starter Pack

We’ll start with the foundations. There are no shortcuts. Building a Working Setup for 3D Deep Learning is the first step (hardware + software).

3D Deep Learning Course: Starter Pack

PointNet from Scratch (3D Point Clouds)

I’m going to teach you how to create a Custom PointNet Architecture from Scratch. Then, we will prepare a custom dataset and use it to train the architecture. Finally, we will export a model that can make segmentation and classification AI predictions.

3D Deep Learning Course: PointNet from Scratch

Neural Networks in Action

In this mini-course, we cover the base layer of Neural Network, and implement an ANN, a CNN, an RNN and study Transformers Python Models. (Text, Visual, and 2D Images).

3D Deep Learning Course: Neural Networks in Action

Major Deep Learning Architectures

This phase extends the previous Neural Networks in Action, and provide working implementation and Python Models for ResNet and EfficientNet.

3D Deep Learning Course: Major Deep Learning Architectures

3D Data Preparation System Creation

The base layer is now understood. We start building a full pipeline to process 3D Data with 3D Deep Learning. This means creating a Pre-processing pipeline to feed custom datasets to Pytorch Networks.

3D Deep Learning Course: 3d Data Preparation

3D Semantic Segmentation from Scratch

We Create and Implement from scratch 3D Point-based, 3D CNN and 3D R-CNN models. These are fine-tuned with various datasets and parameters, and showcase training, testing, validation and inference phases.

3D Deep Learning Course: 3D Semantic Segmentation from Scratch

3D Deep Learning: SoTA Implementation

At this stage, we push performances, and dive onto implementing three main architectures (+ new ones): PointNet++ (point-based), KPConv (Convolutional Kernels), and GrowSP (Unsupervised SuperPoints Approach).

3D Deep Learning Course: SoTA for 3D Deep Learning

End-to-End System in Production

We establish an end-to-end system that takes a 3D Dataset (E.g. 3D Point Cloud in .laz or .ply), pre-process the input, goes through unsupervised segmentation to speed up labelling, and use the labelling efforts to train a 3D Deep Learning Module that then spits semantic information. Covers both Local (.exe) and Cloud Deployment.

3D Deep Learning Course: 3D Production Code

Generative AI for 3D

This bonus section selects the new Generative AI solutions for 3D, and how they integrate in the current ecosystem.

3D Deep Learning Course: 3D Generative AI

ChatGPT and LLMs for 3D

This second bonus section studies and delivers ways to leverage ChatGPT and LLms to generate 3D Content.

3D Deep Learning Course: 3D Reconstructor Course by Florent Poux

3D Hybrid Systems

This third bonus section provides a hybrid system that leverage 3D Region Growing approaches with 3D Deep Learning for generalizing applications (Instance Segmentation).

3D Deep Learning Course: 3D Hybrid Systems

3D Deep Learning Course: Testimonials

"I admire Florent's ability to break down complex AI concepts with ease and clarity. His teachings are not only insightful but highly actionable. If you're serious about 3D Deep Learning, learn from Florent + JJ."
Ethan Dretord
AI Leader
"Florent has nothing to prove, and I love that. He makes sure concepts and actions are crystal clear, and supported by evidence, papers and code that actually works (finished horrendous github projects)."
Zoe Cipher
Chief Engineer
"In 3 years I've gone from struggling with 3D to building a multi-six fig business online. Florent is a huge reason why. His approach has massively influenced my business success. 1000% recommend to AI Tech Entrepreneurs."
Liam Walker
3D Data Scientist
"I've always gravitated to advice from the trenches, not the ivory tower... and Florent fits the bill perfectly. He actually does in video the very things he teaches and has helped me massively to deploy 3D DL Systems!"
Jasmine Rodriguez
Spatial AI Specialist

3D Deep Learning Course Host: Florent Poux 🧙‍♂️

3D Tutorials by Florent Poux

A 3D data madman who loves to explore new technologies and leverage them to solve real-life problems.

  • 🔭 Currently working on a 3D Secret Book Project
  • 🌱 Learning how to manage his daughters. 3D is easier.
  • 👯 1 open R&D Consultancy Vacancy for Big Tech Company.
  • 🤔 Looking for help with developing this EdTech Venture.
  • 💗 LiDAR, Photogrammetry, 3D, AI and Life.
  • ⚡Set Goals, Make a Plan, Build Systems: The Secret Sauce.

⚛️ R&D

🏦Teaching & Mentoring

🧑‍🎨Tech Director and Manager

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"I've been a fan of your work for almost 1.5 years now! I just registered for your course yesterday, and after going through the modules, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! A course like this does not exist, and it's awesome!"
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Parth Singal
NY University - CTO at Candelytics

Florent Poux has been teaching courses for more than 10 years specialized in 3D, and now targets the most efficient ways to transmit hard-earned knowledge.  Feel free to reach out if you need guidance in topics from 4 categories being Reality capture (3D Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, Drones), Object recognition (code, AI, semantics, segmentation, classification), Research & Academia (writing papers, making a Ph.D., learning efficiently) or Productivity (time management, parallelization, focus processes).

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3D Deep Learning Course

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I stand behind the quality of this course. If you are not happy with it, I am not happy with it. 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

3D Deep Learning Course

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Some students talking about the courses

I've been a fan of your work for almost 1.5 years now! I just registered for your course yesterday, and after going through the modules, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! A course like this does not exist, and it's awesome !
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Parth Singal
New York University (US)
It's very inspiring to meet an academician like you. Finding laser-focused learning journeys has always been challenging, but you managed to do it brilliantly. There were some tools that I didn't think about the significance of i.e. scalar fields features) and it makes a lot of sense after learning this sort of appliance.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Dilan Oguz
TU Berlin (DE)
The course content has very valuable topics to learn and I am really happy for it. I followed the whole course and I love the fact that I can come back anytime to focus more on parts of the point cloud processing workflow. Particularly the Module 3 to deepen my Segmentation and AI knowledge.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Sabor Hamza
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)

Some professionals talking about the courses

The Point Cloud Processor Course is helping me immensely. I built an automated system that takes a .laz file, reads all the point data in the scene, segment, and instance, classifies power poles, power lines, and trees.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Adam Wylie
Director Radial Systems (AU)
Florent is a pioneer. Thanks to him, I developed a clear path to increasing my understanding of point clouds. The course is the most exciting way to bridge between processing and visualisation of 3D data.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Eric Marchand
Solution Owner Microsoft (UK)
The course is easy to follow and put into practice from the beginning. I learned so much about point cloud segmentation and classification. I found very useful the command Scalar Fields to select a range of values on the histogram.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Ricardo Campo
Engineer - Ministry of Mobility (ES)

Some researchers talking about the courses

The huge amount and variety of additional content and resources has allowed me to deep on what I needed to apply to my work. I have learned how to tweak my workflows to extract, transform, analyse, process, model visualize huge number of data points. I specifically I loved the Python Bonus Module.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Reconstruction Engineer - Meta
I know data mining, matching learning, and programming, so but I did not have experience with data cloud processing, I was able to follow the course, and I learned how to apply all that knowledge to data cloud processing. Besides, I realize all the possibilities we have in our work to use the data clouds to improve the user experience of our labs.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Bélen Cadavid Jáuregui
Research Manager - Railway Interoperability Laboratory (ES)
I loved the way the course is organized (modules, materials, and so on), you go forward at your own pace. In addition, the explanations were clear and precise. On top, it is a unique idea that the first video of each module with some theoretical explanations and then the rest of the videos increase the difficulty and use the concepts that we learned in the past videos.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Data Scientist - Apple (US)

FAQ: 3D Deep Learning Course

The courses are intended for all innovators, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers… wanting to become the next generation innovator.
But also to employees (engineers and R&D) who want to prepare for contribute to the growth of their company/university.

The courses are useful for all sectors of consulting, software, recruitment, R&D …

You can look at google reviews, ask for feedback from alumni of the courses or look in the discussion forums (Discord). In addition, I encourage you to listen to the interviews as well as watch the Youtube channel, or contact me through the Universities where I teach.

The courses are scalable, you will have access to future modules for free.
It covers all subjects allowing you to quickly test your market, find new customers…
The techniques are unique and secretive.

More than 90% of alumni are exploding their growth targets.
Here are some statistics:
• The majority of top 3D Innovators have used 3D Data Processing techniques.
• Point Cloud Processing and AI techniques saves an average of +150 hours per month
• As a result, some alumni have automated +80% of their company.

After the courses, you will be able to do 10x more with 10x less. You will be able to launch your SaaS, sell growth services, become a respected innovator, change the way we do things in the world…

No, the courses teach you from scratch. However, dependeing on the tracks you choose, you will learn how to become a 3D Coder.

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