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The courses condense 11+ years of 3D R&D into a few hours.
I learned these lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to.

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Released on 15th February 2024


How can I help you? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

3D Object Detection Course

Hi – I’m Florent Poux. I help professionals develop innovative 3D solutions. πŸš€
I went through some exciting explorative 3D R&D paths! Now, I want to help you optimize your journey to cut through the noise.

My personal journey (to be continued 😁)

Your personal journey 🎯

Some 3D Tutorials, Systems and Tools to get you started 🎁

πŸ’‘How to navigate the 3D Learning and the Course Library?

Assuming you want to develop a full 3D Data expertise, there is a logical linear progression offered by the 3D Course Operating Systems (OS). But it is also possible to focus on a standalone aspect that relates to your vibe (are you a 3D Creator, a 3D Engineer or an 3D AI Researcher?)

Receive 🎁 pdf tutorials, ebooks, and technical information on Point Cloud, 3D Reconstruction, AI, Data Science & Autonomous technologies. Learn More.

The 3D Creator OS is a path that will vibe with you if you want to create 3D solutions, no matter how complex they are. If you also want to make a business venture out of it, this is a fantastic choice. It is composed of two main courses: One to develop 3D coding skills and opportunities with 3D Python. Then, to learn how to Generate 3D Datasets and create assets with a simple camera.

The art of setting up fully-fledged workflows for large scale 3D datasets has never been so close to your reach! Learn Expert’s Secrets with this 3D Engineer OS. You will develop state-of-the-art workflows, build advanced projects, and implement effective 3D detection systems, with a serie of 3 courses.

You are someone that just cannot stay iddle to the curiosity of playing with the latest most cutting-edge tech. Well, then this path is definitly for you. 2D is easy, 3D is another matter! In this 3D AI Researcher OS, we are acually developping AI models that can then be fitted to production setups. Tackle the most cutting edge challenges using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches for 3D Data. It comprises three courses: 3D Python, 3D SAM and the massive 3D Deep Learning Course.

Well, true mastery is not for the faint hearted. If you believe you have what it takes to be a 3D Master, then, just attack the 3D Master Bundle. Completing the various OS tracksΒ  is one thing:Β  time to put you to the test of time and showcase your 3D innovations: Changing how we think about the world, and how we interact with others.

Meet your host: Florent Poux πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

3D Tutorials by Florent Poux

A 3D data madman who loves to explore new technologies and leverage them to solve real-life problems.

  • πŸ”­ Currently working on a 3D Secret Book Project
  • 🌱 Learning how to manage his daughters. 3D is easier.
  • πŸ‘― 1 open R&D Consultancy Vacancy for Big Tech Company.
  • πŸ€” Looking for help with developing this EdTech Venture.
  • πŸ’— LiDAR, Photogrammetry, 3D, AI and Life.
  • ⚑Set Goals, Make a Plan, Build Systems: The Secret Sauce.

βš›οΈ R&D

🏦Teaching & Mentoring

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨Tech Director and Manager

Seen In

"I've been a fan of your work for almost 1.5 years now! I just registered for your course yesterday, and after going through the modules, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! A course like this does not exist, and it's awesome!"
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Parth Singal
NY University - CTO at Candelytics

Florent Poux has been teaching courses for more than 10 years specialized in 3D, and now targets the most efficient ways to transmit hard-earned knowledge.Β  Feel free to reach out if you need guidance in topics from 4 categories being Reality capture (3D Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, Drones), Object recognition (code, AI, semantics, segmentation, classification), Research & Academia (writing papers, making a Ph.D., learning efficiently) or Productivity (time management, parallelization, focus processes).

The 3D Academy 🧠

A learning platform that hosts numerous 3D courses for different skill levels reaching from beginners πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ up to super advanced learners πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ ! The online courses are supported by state-of-the-art tools making the learning process easy, fast, and sustainable.

For individuals that aim for excellence and companies that need equipped minds.

How to learn 3D Data Processing?

Online course system

Videos, Code, Pdf, Data, eBooks +++

A community of experts

20% Theory, 80% Action

The focus is on delivering hands-on knowledge and valuable content to engineer your mind & life while getting direct results by applying knowledge gained from the courses to your professional day-to-day life. As part of the 3D Academy community, you gain access to a series of exclusive 3D webinars hosted by Florent Poux. Recognized professionals from the industry and academia are also invited to help you specialize in niche topics among 3D Deep Learning, 3D semantic segmentation, Computer Graphics and more!

3D Code and Material for 3D Object Detection

Florent Poux has taught thousands of students worldwide while developing cutting-edge solutions for the industry. He regularly hosts hackathons or gives scientific keynotes on 3D research conferences or other relevant industry topics. he gives online lectures at renowned universities regularly and proposes training bootcamps for industry professionals and large groups.

If you want to maximize the return on time invested, the shortest path is to get a direct and custom program & accompaniement that will unlock the desired set of skills.

Sometime, the best way toward your objective is to simply exchange with the people that already accomplished what you set yourself up to do. Cut to the essential, and avoid hours of searching the internet for vague answers.

Coaching, mentoring, teaching… The term points toward the same thing: Looking to have a trusted and close expert that give you a receipe for success. The next steps is to cook your desired outcome from it.

Florent Poux has been at the forefront of automation in Reality Capture for more than 10 years. He holds an award-winning PhD in Sciences, and is recognized as an outstanding researcher through the ISPRS Jack Dangermond 2019 award. He bridges high-level research & knowledge transmission as an adjunct professor in 3D Geodata (University of Liege), a mentor in Data Sciences & Machine Learning (OpenClassrooms) as well as a 3D consultant (Geovast 3D).

He supervised dozens of Ph.D, M.Sc. and Bachelor thesis and helped developing the career of hundreds of young Geodata experts, surveyors and data scientists.

About The 3D Courses πŸ“–


You will have excellent knowledge of the subjects you will be learning about!


You will have access to high-quality premium content forever! Updates included!

Real Results

Tackle significant projects and apply visionary understanding to real-life challenges.

Learning Experience

With years of R&D, benefit from engineered courses designed for time-efficient learning

Browse The 3D Course library πŸ”

Become a Leading 3D Tech Innovator with the Ultimate Master Bundle

3D Collector's Pack (997€)

This Collector Bundle teaches you the secrets to creating the most effective workflows to transform raw 3D data into Smart Assets whether you are a Student, a Researcher, a professional, or a manager. It includes a lifetime access to four premium courses + perks that come with it.

3D Online Courses: 3D Collector pack

What if you took a leap forward and learned how to transform 3D point cloud data coming from advanced laser sensors into unique products?

Point Cloud Processor treats point cloud data basics, engineering, semantization, structuration, analysis, visualisation and 3D modelling to create automatic processing workflows.

  • Start processing point cloud datasets from different sensors
  • Create advanced feature extraction and registration routines
  • Develop semi-automatic segmentation using Machine Learning
  • Create robust qualitative / quantitative reports after clash detection
  • Create unique 2D/3D visualisations and master point-to-mesh workflow
  • Apprehend 3D data structures (Octree, kd-tree) to accelerate processing

Learn powerful 3D Python automation, very quickly.Β  Put all 5 point cloud processing concepts together to create endless automatic procedures for advanced point cloud processing

Who is this 3D Academy for? πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’»

Student πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

You are a student that wants to learn new skills, and/or you are right before an incredible job opportunity.
Or you simply want to prepare for an internship, have a business impact and generate value for your team.

Professional πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό

You are a technician, an engineer, a developer or a manager, and you have industry experience and want to use this platform as a tool to extend your knowledge or train your team of engineers, and computer scientists on cutting-edge topics.

Researcher πŸ§‘β€πŸš€

You are inquisitive and want to use this platform to increase your knowledge in an area you love? You want to unlock new unexplored paths through a complete and unique deep understanding of the field with working solutions.

Professor πŸ₯·

You are a teacher, a training referee or a professor, and you want to refresh your course and expand your students reach with new cutting-edge skills by reusing code, tutorials, slides and more in your courses.

Who is the 3D Academy NOT for? ❌

This academy is not for you if…

  • You are not willing to put in the time and effort to finish courses but just want to have the illusion you do something for your future self!
  • You are looking for a shortcut that will instantly make you an expert. No secret will make you an expert. Courses are curated knowledge that helps you and guides you towards a direction but can never make you an overnight expert!
  • You are looking for cheap courses that provide boring content, do not value quality, and do not incorporate different learning techniques!

The Academy guarantees that you will learn useful skills in AI, programming, engineering, or career development. Florent Poux has made many mistakes along his professional career path and had to make experiences the hard way. You can be sure that the courses will change your life and save precious time by not making the same mistake he made. Do not waste your hard-earned money on cheap courses that overpromise but underdeliver. Life is too short of making all the mistakes yourself!

Again, the objective of courses is to make it easier for you to maintain a level of consistency & save time. Yes, you can find everything online, but it does not guarantee that you are accountable and have curated knowledge in one place with high-level explanation and a love for technical details. If that is not what you are looking for but rather spend a few dollars on low-quality courses, then sorry for wasting your time reading this far, and we wish you the very best!

Regardless, feel free to email if you need help with anything or have suggestions on how the Academy can ramp up the production value & add more courses to the library!

Learn 3D Point Cloud Processing the Right Way 🦚

Time is a luxury. spend it carefully, but take wise action to avoid procrastination (90% of us). The 3D online courses are the key for you to level up and become an expert quickly, where Florent Poux (I) focuses on four simple 3D learning designs:

3D Point Cloud Processing, Segmentation, Workflows and more R&D πŸ”¬

Florent Poux engineered online courses that touch on advanced 3D Technologies. We can organize the courses in four categories:

3D Data Acquisition

Build Systems with NeRFs, 3D Photogrammetry, Aerial LiDAR, Laser Scanning, ADAS, UAVs.

3D Apps and Workflows

Create 3D Workflows with 3D Python, 3D Software, Metaverse, 3D Automation.

3D Semantic Segmentation

3D Scene Understanding Algorithms and approaches.

3D Deep Learning

Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning Implementations.

3D Deep Learning by Florent Poux

Access 3D tutorials, code and articles

Learn how to combine 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Photogrammetry and Segmentation for Archaeological 3D Recognition.
3D Point Cloud archaeology Reconstruction with Photogrammetry
3D Point Clouds in Archaeology
Published in Geosciences
Learn how to develop automatic 3D modelling scripts based on real-world indoor data from Matterport scanner.
3D Point Cloud voxelisation by Florent Poux
3D Point Cloud Semantic Modelling
Published in Remote Sensing
Learn how to develop an automatic semantic segmentation algorithm for massive point cloud data
3D Point Cloud semantic segmentation
Voxel-based Semantic segmentation
Published in International Journal of Geo-Information
Learn how to propose a Virtual Reality (VR) Application based on Reality Capture Data (3D Photogrammetry & Laser Scanning)
3D Point Cloud virtual reality
VR App design for Reality Capture data
Published in Remote Sensing
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