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This learning platform hosts numerous courses for different skill levels reaching from beginners 👩‍🎓 up to super advanced 👨‍🔬 learners ! The online courses are supported by state of the art tools making the learning process easy, fast and sustainable.

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Florent Poux has taught thousands of students worldwide while developing cutting-edge solutions for the industry. He regularly hosts hackatons or gives scientific keynotes on 3D research conferences or other relevant industry topics. he gives online lectures at renowned universities on a regular basis and proposes training bootcamps for industry professionals and large groups.

The focus is on delivering hands-on knowledge and valuable content to engineer your mind & life while getting direct results by applying knowledge gained from the courses to your professional day-to-day life. As part of the big 3D Academy community, you gain access to a series of online lectures and reading group sessions hosted by Florent Poux. People from the industry and academics are also invited to help you get the most out of this platform!

For individuals that aim for excellence and companies that need equipped minds.

I. The 3D Research Pack   II. Introduction to 3D Coding with Julia   III. 3D Online Course Ultimate Pack: 3D Python Crash Course, 3D Photogrammetry Course, 3D Point Cloud Processing Course   IV. Early-Access to 3D Perception   V. 3D Deep Learning Manual   VI. A Set of 3 Unique Datasets (Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, UAV)   VII. A Set of 5 Unique 3D Renderings

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3D Python Crash Course (Level 1)

3D Python Crash Course

Unlock new 3D perception skills under two hours. Fast. Efficient. Complete. Reliable.

  • What is a point cloud
  • The scope, scale and perspectives of Reality Capture
  • The necessary mathematical background for 3D manipulations
  • How to set-up a python environment for 3D easily
  • How to process point cloud data with Python
  • All point cloud types and file formats and how they work
  • How to find, read, and exploit a LiDAR Dataset
  • How to automate complex tasks with 3D Python
  • The Libraries engineers use and how they use them
  • Open3D for point cloud processing
  • How to vizualize massive point clouds in/out of Python
  • How to use Voxel Grid to make your project faster and lighter
  • Build your own point cloud to mesh project
  • Build your own intelligent point cloud processing project
  • Build your own vizualization and interactive segmentation project

Learn the basics of point cloud segmentation through targeted tutorials that will give you a first-hand experience of semantic injection.

Point Cloud Processing (Level 2)

What if you took a leap forward and learned how to transform 3D point cloud data coming from advanced laser sensors into unique products?

Point Cloud Processor treats point cloud data basics, engineering, semantization, structuration, analysis, visualisation and 3D modelling to create automatic processing workflows.

  • Start processing point cloud datasets from different sensors
  • Create advanced feature extraction and registration routines
  • Develop semi-automatic segmentation using Machine Learning
  • Create robust qualitative / quantitative reports after clash detection
  • Create unique 2D/3D visualisations and master point-to-mesh workflow
  • Apprehend 3D data structures (Octree, kd-tree) to accelerate processing

Learn powerful 3D Python automation, very quickly.  Put all 5 point cloud processing concepts together to create endless automatic procedures for advanced point cloud processing

3D Photogrammetry Reconstruction (Level 2)

In this course, you will learn how to build an automated 3D Reconstruction system using 3D Computer Vision and Photogrammetry.

  • Turn an object or a scene into a 3D asset, by capturing pictures onsite.
  • Develop efficient 3D data processing and deliverables creation routines.
  • Export in various formats, and add value through unique post-processing.
  • Training on the best open-source software (photogrammetry, modelling).
  • Develop a new income stream (VR-ready assets for 3D online store).

Full workflow automation, buying guides (pdf), handbooks (pdf) & more

AR/VR Creator

Photogrammetry for Virtual Reality Formation

This course provides a step-by-step workflow to process and set-up an environment captured using Photogrammetry for VR in Unity Engine. The entire execution focuses on a high-quality scene that is developed within a realistic production schedule. You will master key components from data capture, to 3D asset reworking and integration for VR app deployment.

  • Master the 3D Data Acquisition workflow dedicated to AR / VR apps
  • Develop an optimized workflow for geometry retouching
  • Master the VR basics and UI / UX principles for any AR / VR app
  • Learn the key principles of UV and texturing for renderings
  • Deploy an app on various platform and make it a business

3D Segmentor

Learn the fundamentals of Point Cloud Processing for 3D Object Detection, Segmentation and Classification. This online course is for individuals and companies who rapidly want to increase their 3D Perception skills without spending hours browsing and figuring out how to do. Additionally, you can get direct access to working scripts and code to automate your processes.

  • The 5-Steps to process point cloud data efficiently
  • Insights and hands-on 3D Machine Learning
  • Apply Julia and Python, the best programming language for rapid results
  • Develop a 3D segmentation workflow without user supervision
  • Discover 3D Deep Learning architectures for 3D point clouds

Who is this 3D Academy for? 👨🏽‍💻

Student 👩‍🎓

You are a student that wants to learn new skills, and/or you are right before an incredible job opportunity.
Or you simply want to prepare for an internship, have a business impact and generate value for your team.

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You are a technician, an engineer, a developer or a manager, and you have industry experience and want to use this platform as a tool to extend your knowledge or train your team of engineers, and computer scientists on cutting-edge topics.

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You are inquisitive and want to use this platform to increase your knowledge in an area you love? You want to unlock new unexplored paths through a complete and unique deep understanding of the field with working solutions.

Professor 🥷

You are a teacher, a training referee or a professor, and you want to refresh your course and expand your students reach with new cutting-edge skills by reusing code, tutorials, slides and more in your courses.

Who's this Academy NOT for? ❌

This academy is not for you if…

  • You are not willing to put in the time and effort to finish courses but just want to have the illusion you do something for your future self!
  • You are looking for a shortcut that will instantly make you an expert. No secret will make you an expert. Courses are curated knowledge that helps you and guides you towards a direction but can never make you an overnight expert!
  • You are looking for cheap courses that provide boring content, do not value quality, and do not incorporate different learning techniques!

The Academy guarantees that you will learn useful skills in AI, programming, engineering, or career development. Florent Poux has made many mistakes along his professional career path and had to make experiences the hard way. You can be sure that the courses will change your life and save precious time by not making the same mistake he made. Do not waste your hard-earned money on cheap courses that overpromise but underdeliver. Life is too short of making all the mistakes yourself!

Again, the objective of courses is to make it easier for you to maintain a level of consistency & save time. Yes, you can find everything online, but it does not guarantee that you are accountable and have curated knowledge in one place with high-level explanation and a love for technical details. If that is not what you are looking for but rather spend a few dollars on low-quality courses, then sorry for wasting your time reading this far, and we wish you the very best!

Regardless, feel free to email if you need help with anything or have suggestions on how the Academy can ramp up the production value & add more courses to the library!

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Meet your host: Florent Poux 🧙‍♂️

"I've been a fan of your work for almost 1.5 years now! I just registered for your course yesterday, and after going through the modules, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! A course like this does not exist, and it's awesome!"
Parth Singal
NY University - CTO at Candelytics

Florent Poux has been teaching for more than 7 years courses specialized in 3D, and now targets the most efficient ways to transmit hard-earned knowledge.  Feel free to reach out if you need guidance in topics from 4 categories being Reality capture (3D Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, Drones), Object recognition (code, AI, semantics, segmentation, classification), Research & Academia (writing papers, making a Ph.D., learning efficiently) or Productivity (time management, parallelization, focus processes).

Florent Poux 3D Automation Expert
Dr. Florent Poux — Founder & CEO.

If you want to maximize the return on time invested, the shortest path is to get a direct and custom program & accompaniement that will unlock the desired set of skills.

Sometime, the best way toward your objective is to simply exchange with the people that already accomplished what you set yourself up to do. Cut to the essential, and avoid hours of searching the internet for vague answers.

Coaching, mentoring, teaching… The term points toward the same thing: Looking to have a trusted and close expert that give you a receipe for success. The next steps is to cook your desired outcome from it.

Florent Poux has been at the forefront of automation in Reality Capture for more than 10 years. He holds an award-winning PhD in Sciences, and is recognized as an outstanding researcher through the ISPRS Jack Dangermond 2019 award. He bridges high-level research & knowledge transmission as an adjunct professor in 3D Geodata (University of Liege), a mentor in Data Sciences & Machine Learning (OpenClassrooms) as well as a 3D consultant (Geovast 3D).

He supervised dozens of Ph.D, M.Sc. and Bachelor thesis and helped developing the career of hundreds of young Geodata experts, surveyors and data scientists.

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Learn how to combine 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Photogrammetry and Segmentation for Archaeological 3D Recognition.
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Learn how to develop automatic 3D modelling scripts based on real-world indoor data from Matterport scanner.
Point Cloud voxelisation
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Learn how to develop an automatic semantic segmentation algorithm for massive point cloud data
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