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Step 1. Clarify the Scope of "3D" Online Courses

3D Online Courses: From Reality ot virtuality

From Reality to Virtuality

3D Geometries dominate our physical world. If you look around you, there is a high chance that you can describe your environment as an assembly of 3D shapes. Suppose you can somehow get a hold of a virtual replica of what you observe: that digitally opens the door to incredible brain-inspired possibilities. Now, it’s time for harnessing. 

Step 2. Quickly Develop your 3D Knowledge and Know-how

The courses include my 15+ years of R&D knowledge and know-how, structured.
It includes datasets, code, a commercial license and a lifetime access with updates.
Evaluated 5 Stars by alumnis

3D Data Science Fundamentals

3D Python Crash Course (97€)

This course shares the most direct path to becoming a 3D Coder with Python. You will learn how to develop data processing pipelines and turn them into Python apps.

3D Online Courses: 3D Python Crash Course by Florent Poux

3D Reconstruction Courses

3D Reconstructor (397€)

The 3D Reconstructor Course is focused on 2D Image to 3D Point Cloud and Mesh Reconstruction. It covers Data Acquisition, 3D Reconstruction and how to turn it into an automated business.

3D Online Courses: 3D Reconstructor Course by Florent Poux

3D Operating Systems (OS) Courses

3D Detector (397€)

This Python Course unlocks an end-to-end 3D Object Recognition. The System developed takes a 3D dataset as input (i.e. 3D Point Cloud), and goes through pre-processing, clustering, segmentation, and 3D Bounding-Box Extraction.

3D Online Courses: 3D Object Detection Course by Florent Poux

3D Point Cloud Processor (497€)​

Point Cloud Processor treats point cloud data basics, engineering, semantization, structuration, analysis, visualisation and 3D modelling to create automatic processing workflows.

3D Online Courses: 3D Point Cloud Processor Course by Florent Poux

3D Deep Learning (997€)

The most complete (and advanced) course that allows you to Understand, Build and Deploy 3D Deep Learning Systems. A basic understanding of Python is required, and It covers basics of AI and Deep Learning, and focuses on 

Released 15th Feb 24′

3D Online Courses: 3D Deep Learning Course by Florent Poux

Growth Hacking (15 years packed in 2 Master Bundle)

3D Segmentation Bundle (697€)

Master 3D segmentation and 3D Object Recognition in 30 days! This bundle includes all the necessary 3D segmentation skills, 3D machine learning code, and deep learning models to get pragmatic results.

3D Online Courses: Results of Segmentation

3D Collector's Pack (997€)

This Collector Bundle teaches you the secrets to creating the most effective workflows to transform raw 3D data into Smart Assets whether you are a Student, a Researcher, a professional, or a manager. It includes a lifetime access to four premium courses + perks that come with it.

3D Online Courses: 3D Collector pack

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FAQ: 3D Online Courses

The courses are intended for all professionals: engineers, researchers, founders and entrepreneurs wanting to become the next generation innovator.
But also to employees (engineers and R&D) who want to contribute to the growth of their company/university.

The courses are useful for all sectors of consulting, software, recruitment, R&D …

You can look at google reviews, ask for feedback from alumni of the courses or look in the discussion forums (Discord). In addition, I encourage you to listen to the interviews as well as watch the Youtube channel, or contact me through the Universities where I teach.

The courses are scalable, you will have access to future modules for free.
It covers all subjects allowing you to quickly test your market, find new customers…
The techniques are unique and secretive.

More than 90% of alumni are exploding their growth targets.
Here are some statistics:
• The majority of top 3D Innovators have used 3D Data Processing techniques.
• Point Cloud Processing and AI techniques saves an average of +150 hours per month
• As a result, some alumni have automated +80% of their company.

After the courses, you will be able to do 10x more with 10x less. You will be able to launch your SaaS, sell growth services, become a respected innovator, change the way we do things in the world…

No, the courses teach you from scratch. However, depending on the tracks you choose, you will learn how to become a 3D Coder.

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