3D Object Detection Online Course

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3D Object Detection Course: Specialization

Dr. Florent Poux

by Florent Poux, PhD

Do you know how to develop a Python App that detects and fits 3D Bounding-boxes to searched objects in 3D Point Clouds?

This course is geared toward students, engineers, coders, and researchers that want a working solution to 3D Object Detection using only 3D Python. Unlock the workflow that processes 3D scan data under 500 ms without losing time figuring out which approach and implementation to consider.

From Beginner to Master with the 3D Object Detection Course

Embarking on the 3D Object Detection Journey will give you lifetime access to a complete, easy-to-follow course with 40 lessons.

Want to see what’s included? Check out the video down below:

Deep dive lessons
Bonus Lessons
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Python Start Pack
3D Object Detection Course

Each chapter begins with a starter folder to download.
Then, simply follow the lessons!

After each video, you get a pdf handout with the key takeaways.

Plus, you can slow down or speed up the videos!

🎓 What will you learn?

The 3D Object Detection Course alternates between clear fundamentals (10′ to 20′) and putting them into concrete actions (20′ to 55′). A range of materials supports these from datasets (point clouds, meshes …) to graphics, handouts, articles (.pdf) and clear code (.py, .ipynb).

3D Fundamentals Sessions

In these short sessions, we distill in a pragmatic learning experience the fundamentals of 3D data processing. The theoretical chapters are designed to help you gain a deep understanding of the concepts that underlie 3D algorithms and machine learning. By mastering these fundamentals, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge to various industries, from computer graphics to surveying, robotics, ADAS and beyond. 

3D Object Detection Full Course Coding
3D Object Detection Full Course Coding

3D Coding Sessions

I believe that hands-on coding is the best way to learn, and that’s why I provide comprehensive videos that walk you through the 3D coding process, E.g. for 3D point clouds. Following along, you’ll learn 3D Python to manipulate, visualize, and analyze 3D data. These are designed to be accessible to all skill levels, from beginners who are just starting out with Python to experienced programmers who are looking to add 3D data processing to their skillset. With the hands-on code videos, you’ll gain practical experience that will prepare you to tackle real-world projects and challenges.

Supporting materials: Code, 3D Data, Handouts, Pdfs, ...

I understand that learning 3D concepts can be challenging, which is why I provide a comprehensive set of materials to support your learning journey. The course includes hands-on optimized code dives, informative PDFs, engaging visuals, and useful frameworks to help you effectively understand and apply 3D concepts. In addition, I provide detailed handouts that summarize key concepts and provide additional resources for further learning. With the diverse range of materials, you’ll have everything you need to achieve a 3D learning experience that’s both engaging and effective.

3D Code and Material for 3D Object Detection

Visionary Limited Offer

Some students talking about our 3D courses

I've been a fan of your work for almost 1.5 years now! I just registered for your course yesterday, and after going through the modules, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! A course like this does not exist, and it's awesome !
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Parth Singal
New York University (US)
It's very inspiring to meet an academician like you. Finding laser-focused learning journeys has always been challenging, but you managed to do it brilliantly. There were some tools that I didn't think about the significance of i.e. scalar fields features) and it makes a lot of sense after learning this sort of appliance.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Dilan Oguz
TU Berlin (DE)
The course content has very valuable topics to learn and I am really happy for it. I followed the whole course and I love the fact that I can come back anytime to focus more on parts of the point cloud processing workflow. Particularly the Module 3 to deepen my Segmentation and AI knowledge.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Sabor Hamza
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)

Some professionals talking about our 3D courses

The Point Cloud Processor Course is helping me immensely. I built an automated system that takes a .laz file, reads all the point data in the scene, segment, and instance, classifies power poles, power lines, and trees.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Adam Wylie
Director Radial Systems (AU)
Florent is a pioneer. Thanks to him, I developed a clear path to increasing my understanding of point clouds. The course is the most exciting way to bridge between processing and visualisation of 3D data.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Eric Marchand
Solution Owner Microsoft (UK)
The course is easy to follow and put into practice from the beginning. I learned so much about point cloud segmentation and classification. I found very useful the command Scalar Fields to select a range of values on the histogram.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Ricardo Campo
Engineer - Ministry of Mobility (ES)

Some researchers talking about our 3D courses

The huge amount and variety of additional content and resources has allowed me to deep on what I needed to apply to my work. I have learned how to tweak my workflows to extract, transform, analyse, process, model visualize huge number of data points. I specifically I loved the Python Bonus Module.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Reconstruction Engineer - Meta
I know data mining, matching learning, and programming, so but I did not have experience with data cloud processing, I was able to follow the course, and I learned how to apply all that knowledge to data cloud processing. Besides, I realize all the possibilities we have in our work to use the data clouds to improve the user experience of our labs.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Bélen Cadavid Jáuregui
Research Manager - Railway Interoperability Laboratory (ES)
I loved the way the course is organized (modules, materials, and so on), you go forward at your own pace. In addition, the explanations were clear and precise. On top, it is a unique idea that the first video of each module with some theoretical explanations and then the rest of the videos increase the difficulty and use the concepts that we learned in the past videos.
Client of the 3D Geodata Academy
Data Scientist - Apple (US)

🦚 Get the best learning experience from Academia & Industry

Meet Dr. Florent Poux

Florent Poux is a Renown Scientist decorated by the ISPRS Jack Dangermond Award and specializing in 3D Data Processing. He has published award-winning research articles on point clouds, 3D segmentation, and AI, and worked on many projects for renowned clients to create interactive 3D experiences accessible to everyone from their browser.

Florent has been teaching 3D Geodata Science and Machine Learning in various Universities for more than 8 years, making him a pedagogical trainer, alternating theory and practice.

A portion of 3D Object Detection Course profits will be donated to young companies that want to grow and 3D researchers that need funding to deliver the next big thing. You will therefore participate directly in the success of others.

Florent Poux 3D Automation Expert

Visionary Limited Offer

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Is this the right 3D course for you?

The Point Cloud Course is beginner-friendly


You only need to be eager to develop a very useful set of skills, with a focus on automation. The program is time-efficient, but demands motivated individuals.


The 3D Object Detection program will offer you the top 1% of tips that really work to quickly create advanced automation workflows, without any software investment.


3D Oject Detection Course is a gas pedal, but it is still a step-by-step enrichment process. You're taken through a structured course that makes the learning efficient.


Scale your practice and get started with full 3D automation. You can unlock private sessions or a mentorship program for very advanced training.

🧙‍♂️ Become a 3D Expert before the niche gets crowded!


3D Object Detection Online Course

🌟 3D Object Detection: Specialization Course

“The only online course for engineers & co. to develop automation systems for 3D point clouds, without spending hours figuring out how.”

Dr. Florent Poux

Course Director

A. Prof. Florent Poux


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What happens upon subscription?

The complete training represents more than 10 hours of explanatory video. At the beginning of each module, you will have a short theoretical part in order to start from scratch. Then the rest of the entire training will include actions to be implemented immediately to get results.

The advantage with online training is that you can access all the videos without having to go anywhere, from the comfort of your own home.

Florent offers individual online coaching, with single or multiple sessions. This is why it is financially advantageous to follow our online programs.

Whether it is for the structure of our advice in a condensed and precise way, the discount on the price, the unlimited access that allows you to come back at any time to each of the videos, it is more advantageous to train remotely.

If you are in a situation where you have major financial difficulties as a student, you can apply for a scholarship by reaching out directly via mail.

I have a limited number of seats that I renew each year for motivated applicants. I always try my best to support the future bright minds of today and tomorrow.

If upon completion of the course, you believe you did not got any added value, I will make sure you are fully refunded.

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