Master 3D Reconstruction with Advanced Photogrammetry

+ 3D Gaussian Splatting (2024)

Dr. Florent Poux

by Florent Poux, Ph.D.

This course will teach you how to transform a real 3D scene into a 3D Metaverse asset (point cloud & 3D Textured Mesh) with only a camera, a computer, and open-source technologies.

3D Photogrammetry Course by Florent Poux

Turn 2D Images into 3D Data with Photogrammetry

Having the ability to capture images of scenes we love, and turn them into 3D digital asset is not science fiction anymore! 3D Reconstructor gives a lifetime access to a complete, easy-to-follow course with 40+ lessons that allow you to do just that.

3D room acquisition with Photogrammetry

Practical On-site / Processing Workflows

Authoritative State-of-the-Art

All-Rounded 3D Photogrammetry

Embarking on the Photogrammetry will give you lifetime access to a complete, easy-to-follow course with 40+ lessons.

Want to see what’s included? Check out the video down below:

Deep dive lessons
Bonus Lessons
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Each chapter begins with a starter folder to download.
Then, simply follow the lessons!

Plus, you can slow down or speed up the videos!

Fast Results

To be recognized and master advanced technology, there is no faster way that learning from professionals

Frictionless Learning

With years of R&D, benefit from engineered courses designed for time-efficient learning with massive ROI

No Software Investments

Premium should not be accessible only to the wealthy, but to the willing minds that take action. There is no extra-cost hidden.

The First 3D Photogrammetry Online Course

Online Course System Management

The “3D Reconstructor” program is instantly accessible: a series of 40+ high quality videos to help you quickly reach your goals and become a photogrammetry expert. These are structured in modules, filled with additional content on courses such as articles, scripts, quizzes, datasets, podcasts. You won’t need any further training to establish yourself as a Photogrammetry master, and you can track your progress very easily.

Photogrammetry Buying Guides (Software, Hardware) + Tutorials & Tools

Get access to several buying guides to make sure you choose only among relevant software (open-source or paid) and hardware elements (camera and gear). I provide you with additional knowledge and tutorials to extend your current workflow with automation possibilities or deep 3D retouching. Tutorials and videos include formations and resources for using Meshroom, CloudCompare, MeshLab, Blender, Unity, Meshmixer and more.

Buying Guides (Software, Hardware) + Tutorials & Tools

How to make money with 3D Low-cost photogrammetry

Immediate access to high-value bonuses

The course includes a number of private techniques little known to clients but highly appreciated by experts (bonuses are worth more than 800€). These include a guide to automate processing through a brick assembly of all software at hand; regular guides covering the latest breakthrough in the R&D world to get an edge on the future; a formation to create amazing renderings and play on export formats (point clouds, meshes, voxels ...), several guides, articles and tutorials (from 10 pages to 50 pages each) that you can download. As you progress through the training, you will have access to resources that will provide you with invaluable assistance.

Professional Support included & Private Club

VIP Support & Entrepreneurial Community

As a member of the course, you have access to our private group to interact with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The community is active, and a place to create strong professionnal bonds. On top, you have access to a VIP support with a dedicated email & Q&A threads to make sure you are rightly supported in your endeavour, keeping this human link all along the formation.

Privileged access & updates

All future training upgrades will be automatically added to your member area. You will also have unlimited lifetime access to take as much time as you need and come back whenever you want. So make sure to come back regularly to benefit of up-to-date information and to get to know the latest tips and tricks that you can use in your day-to-day activities.

Ready to Join the 3D Reconstructor Course?

Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand behind the quality of this course. If you are not happy with it, I am not happy with it. 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

3D Deep Learning Course

Lifetime Access

Detailed Syllabus to build a complete 3D Reconstruction pipeline

3D room acquisition with Photogrammetry

* a Windows configuration with an Nvidia (CUDA enabled) GPU is preferrable.

Module 1 - Reality Capture
Progress 20%

By the end of the first module you will already have a clear vision of how you can use Reality Capture to bring immense value to what you target. All that will be left to do is develop your methodology and add a few details that will make a huge difference to your impact.

3D Photogrammetry Course by Florent Poux
Module 2 - Data Acquisition
Progress 40%

At the end of the second module you will already have acquired a nice dataset that you can directly push to the processing phase. Now we need to present your image set in its best light for processing.

Module 3 - Data Processing
Progress 60%

At the end of the third module, you will already have your 3D model, and a tweaked processing chain that you can deploy for massive automation. All we need is now to refine and transform your 3D model into a deliverable.

Module 4 - Creating Deliverables
Progress 80%

At the end of this fourth module, your envisionned 3D asset will be finished and packed into a set deliverables. All that will be left to do is to find a way to make your newly acquired set of skill profitable or applicable to your personal/professional project.

Module 5 - Make it a business
Progress 100%

By applying this last module you will have a clear idea on how you can generate income from your photogrammetry workflow, whether you prefer to dive into passive income or by applying your skill as an active income. You will also have a clear guide for the next 6-months endeavours.

Bonus content
Progress - 120%

Get the best learning experience from Academia & Industry

Meet Dr. Florent Poux

Florent Poux is a Renown Scientist specializing in 3D Data Processing. He has published award-winning research articles on point clouds, 3D segmentation, and AI, and worked on many projects for renowned clients to create interactive 3D experiences accessible to everyone from their browser.

Florent has been teaching 3D Geodata Science and Machine Learning in various Universities for more than 7 years, making him a pedagogical trainer, alternating theory and practice.

A portion of 3D Reconstructor profits will be donated to young companies that want to grow and 3D researchers that need funding to deliver the next big thing. You will therefore participate directly in the success of others.

Florent Poux 3D Automation Expert

What happens upon subscription?

The complete training represents more than 5 hours of explanatory video. At the beginning of each module, you will have a short theoretical part in order to start from scratch. Then the rest of the entire training will include actions to be implemented immediately to get results.

The advantage with online training is that you can access all the videos without having to go anywhere, from the comfort of your own home.

Florent offers individual online coaching, with single or multiple sessions. This is why it is financially advantageous to follow our online programs.

Whether it is for the structure of our advice in a condensed and precise way, the discount on the price, the unlimited access that allows you to come back at any time to each of the videos, it is more advantageous to train remotely.

If upon completion of the course, you believe you did not got any added value, I will make sure you are fully refunded.

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