Python Point Cloud Processing Workshop

The VGC 2023 conference provides a valuable opportunity to participate in short courses aligned with the conference theme. Hosted in Freiberg and led by top experts in the field, these courses offer attendees the latest techniques and insights to enhance their knowledge and skills. Below is the material gathered during the session focusing on Python Point Cloud Processing that I had the pleasure to teach.

Chapter 1. Python Point Cloud Processing Fundamentals

This session introduces open-source python tools for processing point cloud data, including the development of automated pipelines for point cloud subsampling, structuring, denoising, filtering, etc. Open source tools for the visualization and sharing of large point cloud datasets are also demonstrated as approaches for interacting with the point cloud in real-time.

Python Point Cloud Processing: Overview 🎓

Resources and Materials 📦

You can find all the data, code and material for Python Point Clouds Chapter 1 here: Google Drive Folder.

Chapter 2. Practical 3D Machine Learning for Point Clouds

Semantic segmentation is key for many types of point cloud analyses (e.g., segmentation of different objects, land cover classification, geological mapping). This session introduces and applies several different machine learning approaches for semantic segmentation using open-source python machine learning tools, with the goal to create a 3D classification engine that can classify point cloud data.

3D Point Cloud Processing workflow with 3d Machine Learning

Resources and Materials 📦

You can find all the data, code and material for Python Point Clouds Chapter 2 here: Google Drive Folder.

Advanced Point Cloud Processing: Learning Resources

All along this workshop, we went onto both fundamentals and applied 3D Machine Learning for Classification tasks. Congratulations on learning these new skills! Now, if you want to get a tad more toward application-first or depth-first approaches, I curated on this website several learning tracks and courses to help you along your journey.

Feel free to follow the ones that best suit your need, and do not hesitate to reach out directly to me if you have any questions or if I can give you some advice on your current challenges!


Learning Tracks

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