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If you acquired a downloadable product from the 3D Geodata Academy (eBook, Research Pack, Renderings, Code Pack, Software …), you will find it at the link below.

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  • Reward 1: 250 🌴 = 10% off any offer on the website
  • Reward 2: 500 🌴 = 50% off the online course of your choice
  • Reward 3: 900 🌴 = A private one-to-one mentoring session
  • Reward 4:  50 💎 = 1-month unlimited access to one online course
  • Reward 5:  500 💎 = A Consulting plan including three meetings.

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Completing a first online course.

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Completing 10 topics

Extend your skills

Find an online course targeting 3D Reconstruction, 3D Modelling, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Point Clouds, Deep Learning, 3D Machine Learning... If you are not already enrolled in one of them, I suggest taking a look at the following.

Software code and tools Poux

3D Reconstructor

Unlock low-cost 3D Photogrammetry skills Create high-value deliverables and set-up a passive income business with VR assets

3D Photogrammetry for Virtual Reality Online Course

AR/VR Creator

Step-by-step workflow to process, set-up and app-deploy an environment captured using Photogrammetry for VR in Unity Engine

3D Segmentor Online Course by Florent Poux

3D Segmentor

Apply 3D Perception on Point Cloud & mesh for Object Detection, Segmentation and Classification (incl. Python + Julia)

Point Cloud Processor

Point Cloud Processor

Unlock fundamental 3D Point cloud processing skills to create high-value deliverables and specialize in 3D AI.

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