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Having a mentor is a tremendous shortcut to fast and robust achievements. We first start with a video call, the best way to get to know each other, and to target efficiently how I can support your endeavours at the best of my abilities.

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Florent Poux 3D Automation Expert
"Hey there! I am very much looking to meeting you!" - Florent

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Frequently Asked Questions

The videocall take place on Google Meet or Zoom software, both are free to use in this context.

Once I receive your contact form, I check out the different details to situate your specific profile (level of expertise needed, type of accompaniement …). Then, I check which date would be suitable to have a one-on-one video call to make a first acquaintance and to be able to establish the first step as well as the second step. Thus, I usually respond within 48h with a 30 minutes slot proposal (that I expressed in UTC+1, Paris time). I usually charge 67€ for this first session, but if you have specific payment difficulties, we can see what possibilities we can work with.

After the first session, you will receive by mail a detailed plan of action to develop a specific set of skills that will permit to unlock your goals.

Depending on the level of acompaniement you want, we either go toward

  • a weekly mentorship 45′ video-call,
  • a monthly menthorship 1 hour videocall
  • a mail only mentorship support
  • or you can work you way with the plan on your own.

Usually, we get into a mentorship private relationship. On the second video-call, we address step 3, to detail the resources at your disposal. I make sure that you get in the right track not to lose your time with inefficient content or a bit blurry (yes, you can find everything on the web, but crawling to make sure you get the right info is super time-consuming).

Well, having a mentor in life is the closest thing to a “highway to success”. But of course, I do not make the work for you, nor should I. I just make sure you get everything you need, without loosing the time like I did when I first started. Also, I will make sure that every little tip and trick that makes a huge difference is included in our mentoring sessions, so that you get a receipe that you can apply to get fast and robust results.

Well, if you are not convinced you got any value from this private one-on-one sessions, you can always mail me to get a full refund, and I will be happy to process it fast. I just want to make sure you get the best, thus having a constructive feedback will only make thing better.