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Learn 3D Perception

point cloud segmentation

Learn the fundamentals of Point Cloud Processing for 3D Object Detection, Segmentation and Classification. This online course is for individuals and companies who rapidly want to increase their 3D Perception skills without spending hours browsing and figuring out how to do it. Additionally, you can get direct access to working scripts and code to automate your processes.

  • The 5-Steps to process point cloud data efficiently
  • Insights and hands-on 3D Machine Learning
  • Cutting-edge 3D Deep Learning (PointNet, PointNet++, RANDLANET, …)
  • Apply Julia and Python, the best programming language for rapid results
  • Develop a 3D segmentation workflow without user supervision
  • Access scripts and state-of-the-art code by direct download (optional)

For active waiting, I prepared 10 key lessons that will permit you to kickstart your journey once the full course is out!