3D Point Cloud Segmentation with SAM


3D Instance Segmenation with SAM

Live Hands-on Coding Session 💻

If you follow regular #AI innovations, you may have seen the recent release of the #segmentanything model released by MetaAI. Well, I am thrilled to say I developed a tuned pre-prod version for 3D #pointcloud #instancesegmentation and I think this may be useful for others 😁. In this live class, if the time allows us to, I would like to make sure you have the knowledge, understanding, and tools to:

✅ Grasp the pragmatic points of coding with 3D Deep Learning
✅ Get a working Local #python and Code Set-up
✅ Get a fine-tuned Python Setup for #3D and SAM
✅ Get a working SAM “software” for your project
✅ Segment 3D Point Clouds with a 3D SAM Workflow

Also, to better deliver, I hope we can exchange so that I can better grasp the pain points you have when dealing with #deeplearning architectures that I need to alleviate.

So, I’ll be able to answer live questions around 3D point clouds, AI and Segmentation!

This second session (1.5 hour session) takes place on Thursday, 1st June from 9 PM CET to 10.30 PM CET

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