3D Acquisition

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    3D Acquisition Module

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    This course is a condensed hands-on lecture dedicated to providing you with focused content, immediately applied through an efficient fully-fledge open-source workflow. It treats on-site data capture. The aim is to offer you the possibility to immediately integrate what you learnt in your personal or professional career.

    • My own on-site workflow for the data acquisition phase
    • Additional tips and tricks for a perfect shooting set
    • Understanding and defining the optimal camera parameters
    • Adjusting to the object and context properties
    • Designing a clear walking (flight) plan
    • Quiz: What is the best process for an acquisition mission?
    • My checklist (to print) for on-site missions
    • Guide to choosing the perfect camera gear match
    • Simple schematics for various scenarios that you may encounter
    • An excel sheet for automatic computation of optimal acquisition parameters