3D Collector's Pack
3D Collector's Pack Product description

The Ultimate 3D Data Processing Course and Production Workflows. This 3D Collector’s Pack goes through all steps (knowledge and solutions), including 3D Python, 3D Reconstruction, 3D Point Cloud Processing, and 3D Scene Understanding (3D Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, Classification). It includes:

  • The 3D Research Pack (Research Articles, Hands-on Tutorials, and 3D Datasets)

  • 3D Online Course Ultimate Pack: 3D Python Crash Course, 3D Photogrammetry Course, 3D Point Cloud Processing Course, 3D Object Detection Course, Segment Anything Model for 3D Course

  • Bonus: Unique Datasets (Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, UAV) and 3D Renderings

  • Lifetime Access and updates + Premium Support

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